UCITS – Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities

This translates to ensuring that the most liquid forms of investment are used in the Fund. The Fund must invest in liquid assets only and may not invest in any assets such as property or obscure shares/investments that would, by nature of obscurity and investment pedigree, take a long time to liquidate. The Algo Performance Fund is highly liquid, often a key concern to investors.

UCITS regulated status

UCITS is a status that can only apply to authorised and regulated funds. This means that there is constant monitoring by the Fund Manager, the Custodian and the Regulator to ensure all rules are abided by, thus assuring investors of the transparent and secure nature of the Algo Performance Fund.

As per the above, all movements in the Fund are monitored internally by the investment manager who is in turn monitored by the investment committee. The entire Fund is monitored by the Custodian, whose responsibility it is to report any breaches to the Regulator. As a result of this, it is considered highly unlikely that the Fund will breach the rules imposed by the agreement with the shareholders thereby ensuring investor monies in the Algo Performance Fund are managed exactly as they should be.


The Fund is an alternative fund and as such does not anticipate growing past $100 million. It is marketed to advisors only as it is a unique tool that offers diversification to a portfolio against already high stock markets. With little correlation to the stock market it forms an element of a portfolio and not the core. With an audited performance track record of the underlying strategy in excess of five years, now is an opportune moment to diversify and place a percentage of assets into the Algo Performance Fund.

Security and Portfolio Composition

Whilst the Fund trades in only carefully chosen major currencies in foreign exchange market, the majority of investor capital is held in investor capital is held in short dated government bonds. This means that currently 80% of investors assets are held in government bonds pertaining to Germany, France, UK and USA. Government debt of this nature is considered the most secure asset and further underlines the inherent security of the Algo Performance Fund.